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Songling, Suzhou

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Songling Town (松陵镇) was built from 618 AD to 626 AD, the oldest town of the city Wujiang, Jiangsu. Wujiang Municipal People's Government is now located in it, and it is the Wujiang City political and cultural center. Urban area is now 34.35 square kilometers, planning area is more than 100 square kilometers. The administrative area is 148.58 square kilometers, with the jurisdiction of eight community committees, 46 administrative villages, and it has a total population of 12.04 million people. Songling is located in the north of Wujiang. It has an area of 208.02 square kilometers and a population of 226,026 (in 2007). It has the jurisdiction of 10 communities, 22 administrative villages. It also has Sujiahang, Highway 227, Highway 230, Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal parallel north-south across. It is 90 kilometers away from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, and 40 kilometers from Wuxi Airport.


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