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Sona (given name)

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Gender  Female
Meaning  gold; wisdom

Sona is a feminine given name meaning gold. It can also be related to the name Sonia, which means "wisdom". Variants include accented Soňa and Soná.


People with this given name

  • Sona Mehring, American businesswoman, founder of CaringBridge
  • Films and television
  • Sona Heiden, Indian film actress
  • Sona MacDonald (born 1961), Austrian-American actress and singer
  • Sona Nair, Indian film actress mainly in Malayalam films
  • Soňa Valentová (born 1946), Slovak actress
  • Music
  • Sona Aslanova (1924–2011), Soviet Azerbaijani soprano
  • Soňa Červená (born 1925), Czech operatic mezzo-soprano
  • Sona Ghazarian (born 1945), Armenian-Austrian operatic soprano
  • Sona Jobarteh, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and composer from the Gambia and the UK
  • Sona MacDonald (born 1961), Austrian-American actress and singer
  • Sona Mohapatra, Indian singer, music composer and lyricist
  • Sona Tata Condé, Guinean musician
  • Politics
  • Sona Ram, Indian politician, Colonel
  • Sports
  • Sona Ahmadli (born 1988), female wrestler from Azerbaijan
  • Soňa Nováková (full name Soňa Nováková-Dosoudilová (born 1975), Czech beach volleyball player
  • Soňa Pertlová (1988–2011), Czech chess player
  • Sona Shahinyan (born 1992), Armenian professional female football player
  • Sona Taumalolo (born 1981), Tongan born New Zealand-based rugby union player
  • Fictional characters

  • Sona, Maven of the Strings, a playable champion character in the action real-time strategy video game League of Legends
  • Sona Sitri, a character in Highschool DxD
  • References

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