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Some Like It Hot (novel)

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Author  Zoey Dean
Country  United States
Series  The A-List
Original title  Knowing What You Want
Language  English
Genre  Novel

Some Like It Hot is a novel in the "A-List" series by Zoey Dean. It was released in 2006 by Little, Brown.

Plot introduction

It's Prom time at Beverly Hills High! Ben Birnbaum is back from Princeton University for the summer but also visiting is a friend of his family's. Maddy, a junior at the rival Pacific Palisades high school who has just had Gastric bypass surgery is staying with the Birnbaums, and to Anna Percy's disdain, has quite the newly curvy figure and seems to be flirty with Ben. Ben assures Anna that he thinks of Maddy as a little sister but Anna isn't sure and acts rather coldly to the girl throughout the novel. Anna feels ashamed for actually getting jealous so she asks Sam and the rest of the A-list crew to give her a makeover. In the end, it is revealed that Maddy has a crush on one of her teachers.

Meanwhile, the Beverly Hills High School Prom is being thrown by two A-list wannabes, Jazz and Fee (short for Jasmine and Ophelia, respectively). No one is excited because it means the prom will be just as lame as them but Sam gets the idea to shoot a short documentary about the drama of organizing a high school prom to enter anonymously in a film contest, to prove once and for all that she can stand outside of her father's shadow. To her surprise, Sam begins to feel a sense of kinsmen ship to the two girls and when the prom location is lost, she generously secures the colosseum set being used for her father's remake of Ben Hur. Sam invites Eduardo to be her date but he is unavailable due to his commitments at the Peruvian consulate so Sam invites Parker, as friends.

Prom is amazing, especially since Dee is released from Ojai, the rehab center/mental hospital she was committed to in Back in Black. However, she is dateless so Cammie sets her up on a blind date with Jack Walker, a friend from Princeton who is in L.A. and is hoping to break into reality television. The two hit it off at prom and to thank Sam for helping organize an awesome prom, the entire student body elects Sam prom queen but she is slightly dismayed as she can't enter her film anonymously anymore.

At the post-prom party, Sam and Parker share a kiss before getting caught by Eduardo, who left his parents' anniversary party to surprise Sam. He is hurt and breaks it off, despite Sam's pleading.

Also throughout the novel, Cammie begins investigating the circumstances of her mother's death with the help of Adam, who grows increasingly worried for her. The two discover the police report from the night her mother accidentally drowned and discover new information that they previously did not know: Dina and Jackson Sharpe were also on the boat. It was said in the report that Dina was having an affair with her father, Clarke. Cammie suspects that the two conspired to get rid of her mother. She tells Sam this new information and Sam insists on helping out as well.


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