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Solidago odora

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Kingdom  Plantae
Tribe  Astereae
Higher classification  Goldenrod
Order  Asterales
Genus  Solidago
Rank  Species
Solidago odora Solidago odora Sweet goldenrod Solidago Goldenrod Perennials
Similar  Goldenrod, Daisy family, Solidago caesia, Solidago nemoralis, Solidago rugosa

Solidago odora var chapmanii goldenrod

Solidago odora, whose English name is sweet goldenrod, also referred to as anisescented goldenrod or fragrant goldenrod is a North American species of goldenrods within the sunflower family. The plant is native to the United States and Mexico, found in every coastal state from Veracruz to New Hampshire and as far inland as Ohio, Missouri, and Oklahoma. It flowers from July through October.

Solidago odora Solidago odora licorice goldenrod Go Botany

Subspecies include:

  • Solidago odora ssp. odora - most of species range
  • Solidago odora ssp. chapmanii (Gray) Semple - Florida only
  • As a traditional medicine, Solidago odora had a variety of ethnobotanical uses, especially by the Cherokee.

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    Solidago odora Solidago odora Sweet goldenrod from New Moon Nurseries


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