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Solar powered waste compacting bin

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A solar-powered waste compactor is a smart device that reads a waste bin's fill-level in real-time and triggers an automatic compaction of the waste, effectively increasing the bin's capacity by up to 5-8 times. The compaction mechanism runs on a battery, which is charged by the solar panel. Fully charged, the battery reserve lasts for approximately 3-4 weeks depending on the compaction frequency and usage patterns.

Solar-powered waste compactors are typically connected to a remote software platform through wireless 2G/3G networks. The platform enables waste collection managers to access real-time data analytics and route optimization.

Solar-powered compactors are primarily used in high foot traffic areas such as town centers, shopping malls, amusement parks, beaches, transit stations and sports stadiums.


Some of the benefits of using solar-powered waste compactors include:

  • Reduced frequency of waste collections
  • Cleaner and more hygienic public spaces
  • Historical waste collection data analytics
  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • Savings in operational waste collection costs
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