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Society of Entomologists of London

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The Society of Entomologists of London was one of a series of brief-lived entomological societies based in London.The members met to exhibit, identify and exchange, sell or purchase insects which were sometimes very expensive as were books. Entomology was limited to the wealthy. It was a time of colonial expansion and exotica of all kinds flooded into trade centres such as London or Amsterdam. These included shells as well as insects and many entomologists collected these too.


  • 1745 is the first definite year for the Aurelian Society of London but it was almost certainly already in existence before that year. The Aurelian Society disbanded after a fire in 1748 destroyed the Library and records of the Society. It is claimed to be the first entomological society in the world although there were similar groups in Italy, France and the German states. Moses Harris was a member.
  • 1762 saw the formation of the second Aurelian Society, which survived only a few years.
  • 1780 was the foundation year of the Society of Entomologists of London, which survived until August 1782. Dru Drury was a member.
  • 1801 saw a third Aurelian Society, which survived until April, 1806, when it was dissolved.
  • 1806 was the year in which former Aurelians formed a new society entitled the Entomological Society (later called the Entomological Society of London).
  • 1815 In the Waterloo year the last of the three parts of its [one-volume] Transactions had appeared, the Entomological Society of London went into decline, and met only occasionally until 1822.
  • 1822 several of the members of the Society set up another Society, the Entomological Society of Great Britain, and the Entomological Society of London was adjourned for a year.
  • 1824 saw most of the members of the two latter societies joined with various members of the Linnean Society of London to found the Zoological Club of the Linnean Society of London, which later became the Zoological Society of London.
  • In 1826 another entomological society was formed, the Entomological Club. The Club was at first scientific and published the Entomological Magazine (from September 1832 to October,1838) but later evolved into a dining club which it remained until 1933.
  • 1833 In May of this year, the second Entomological Society of London was formed. It is the present Royal Entomological Society of London.
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