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Socialist Worker (Aotearoa)

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Socialist Worker (Aotearoa)

Socialist Worker (SW) was a socialist organisation based in New Zealand (Aotearoa).

SW evolved out of the group known as the Socialist Workers Organization, the successor organisation of the Communist Party of New Zealand. It had two main branches in Auckland and Wellington, but activists in most other cities in NZ. Recently, it began to grow modestly through work done in workers' organisations such as the Solidarity Union, Unite Union, the Climate Change Coalition Climaction, the anti-war movement and the Venezuela Aotearoa Solidarity Team.

Many of its key activists were involved in the Residents Action Movement, which polled over 87,000 votes in the 2004 Auckland Regional Council elections.

It published a quarterly themed journal called Unity, and its activists contributed to the monthly Workers' Charter paper. It also had a regularly updated blog called UnityAotearoa.

SW's national conference in February 2007 adopted a new ten point "Where We Stand" programme.

SW was part of the International Socialist Tendency (IST). On 1 May 2007, it presented a May Day Statement to the IST, calling for a positive engagement with the Venezuelan Revolution.

A number of SW members split from the organisation in 2008 to form Socialist Aotearoa.

SW voted to dissolve itself at its conference in January 2012. Its ex-members went on to participate in the EcoSocialist Network.


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