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Snap (web framework)

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Developer(s)  Snap Team
Development status  Active
Initial release  May 2010
Written in  Haskell
Original author(s)  Gregory Collins, Doug Beardsley
Stable release  1.0 / August 7, 2016 (2016-08-07)

Snap is a web development framework written in the Haskell programming language. It is used by Silk, JanRain, Racemetric,, SooStone Inc, and Group Commerce. Snap is also used as a lightweight, standalone Haskell server. The popular static site generator Hakyll uses Snap for its preview mode.



The Snap framework comprises:

  • snap-core, a generic Haskell web server API.
  • snap-server, a fast HTTP server that implements the snap-core interface.
  • Heist, an HTML-based templating system for generating pages that allows you to bind Haskell functionality to HTML tags for a clean separation of view and backend code, much like Lift's snippets. Heist is completely self-contained and can be used independently.
  • Snaplets, a high-level system for building modular web applications.
  • Built-in snaplets for templating, session management, and authentication.
  • Third party snaplets for features such as file uploads, database connectivity (PostgreSQL, MongoDB, etc.), generation of JavaScript from Haskell code, and more.
  • The Snap monad for stateful access to HTTP requests and responses.
  • Snap runs on both Windows and *nix platforms. Snap uses the Iteratee I/O model, As of version 1.0, its i/o is implemented with io-streams.

    Other Haskell web frameworks

  • Yesod (web framework)
  • Happstack
  • Scotty web framework
  • Spock web framework
  • MFlow web framework
  • References

    Snap (web framework) Wikipedia

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