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Sirena (telenovela)

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Written by  José Simón Escalona
Country of origin  Venezuela
No. of episodes  199
Number of episodes  199
Language  Spanish
9/10 IMDb

Directed by  Claudio Callao
Original language(s)  Spanish
First episode date  1993
Network  Venevisión
Genre  telenovela

Starring  Astrid GruberCarlos MontillaAlejandro Delgado
Similar  Piel, Pedacito de cielo, Sueño Contigo, Amor mío, La sombra de Piera

Sirena - 1993 - Marte Television - Capitulo 1

Sirena (Mermaid) is a Venezuelan Telenovela shown in 1993, starring with Astrid Gruber, Carlos Montilla, and Alejandro Delgado. This telenovela contains 199 episodes.


Astrid Gruber as Sirena Baltazar holding a baby in a scene from Sirena (a 1993 Venezuelan telenovela).


Astrid Gruber as Sirena Baltazar with a man wearing a white mask in a scene from Sirena (a 1993 Venezuelan telenovela).

Loyalty and the passion, face in a circle of misfortunes without fin a young one to mejer in Sirena. In this tragic history, the happiness and the single success can be achieveed through the total treason. Desires and the instincts untie, when the beautiful and rebellious Sirena Baltazar knows Adonis Diniz; whose wealth, power and enchantment, will mark of by life the destiny of Sirena. Afraid of the dark intentions of Adonis, Sirena's house with Jasуn Mendoza, a famous tenista. Being disabled because of a mysterious accident, during the ceremony of his wedding, Jasуn it blames deeply to Adonis and Sirena. While Sirena faces the decision to be faithful to its marriage or the instincts of its heart, Adonis fights to conquer the love of her. Maintaining one it doubles secret life, Adonis tries to be playboy without scruples, at the same time that are hidden after the masked hero: "the Lynx", dedicating its life to the noblest aims, to clean to the name of its father and his fortune... and to make sure the love Sirena. The price that it will have to pay, could cost the life to him. Sirena develops in the middle of the condition, the emotion and it intrigues it, in an intense drama, where the passions and the secrets are as deep as the sea.


  • Astrid Gruber as Sirena Baltazar
  • Carlos Montilla as Adonis Diniz
  • Alejandro Delgado as Juan Hundre
  • Miguel Ferrari as Jason
  • Yoletti Cabrera as Frenesí
  • Alexander Montilla as Eneas
  • Maria Eugenia Perera as Tormento
  • Ricardo Herranz as Rancho
  • Roxana Diaz as Perfidia
  • Joana Benedek as Joana "La Divina"
  • Carolina Tejera
  • Jorge Aravena as Orbick
  • Ricardo Alamo
  • Saul Marin as Lorenzo "GoGo"
  • Betty Ruth as Guillermina
  • Jorge Reyes
  • Luis Alberto de Mozos as Amado Gross
  • Alexander Espinoza
  • Xavier Bracho as Mozart
  • Yajaira Paredes
  • Alexander Silva

  • Carlos Montilla as Adonis Diniz in a scene from Sirena (a 1993 Venezuelan telenovela).

    Carlos Montilla wearing white long sleeves while looking at Astrid Gruber wearing a floral dress.


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