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Sim River

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River mouth  Belaya River
Basin area  11,700 km²
Mouth  Belaya River
Length  239 km
Source  Ural Mountains
Country  Russia
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Main source  Southern Ural Mountains 630 m (2,070 ft)
Basin size  11,700 km (4,500 sq mi)
Discharge  Average rate: 47.9 m/s (1,690 cu ft/s) (103 km from the mouth)

Sim River (Russian: Сим) is a river in Chelyabinsk Oblast and the Republic of Bashkortostan in Russia. It is a tributary of the Belaya River, part of the Volga watershed. Its length is 239 kilometers (149 mi).

Map of r. Sim, Russia

The river has its sources in the southern Ural Mountains. It first flows in a north-northwesterly direction towards the towns of Sim and Minyar, before turning towards the west and then southwest. After passing the town of Asha the Sim crosses the border of Bashkortostan and continues towards the southwest and its confluence with the Belaya.

Ignateva Cave lies on its banks.


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