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Silver Lake (Kingsbury County, South Dakota)

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Silver Lake (Kingsbury County, South Dakota) httpsiytimgcomvi2CSVhZ84qzAhqdefaultjpg

Silver Lake is a reclaimed lake located immediately east of De Smet, on the north side of U.S. Highway 14.


Map of Silver Lake, De Smet Township, SD 57231, USA


Silver Lake was the lake about which Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote in her novel "By the Shores of Silver Lake". Caroline Ingalls named the lake for the silvery appearance of its surface. The Ingalls home (currently, a museum) and Surveyor's House are very close to it. The lake was drained into nearby Lake Henry in the 1920s and the lakebed was used for farming and rubbish dumping. A portion of the lake has since filled again with water.


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