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Silent Assassin

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Publisher  Terminal Press
Abilities  Unknown
First appearance  Silent Assassin: Understanding Trauma 2004
Created by  Brian Ferrara & Narek Gevorgian

Silent Assassin is a graphic novel series from Terminal Press written by Brian Ferrara. The artwork was penciled, colored, and lettered by Narek Gevorgian, and inked by Don Redick. The series debuted in 2004 with the release of the 48-page perfect-bound science-fiction comic book, Silent Assassin: Understanding Trauma. The first issue tells the story of a deformed and abused child's journey to becoming an assassin. Silent Assassin: Disorder Of A System is planned as the next graphic novel in the series, but as of June 2008 it has not been released.

Plot summary

On a world populated by aliens, drew tuason is the newest silent assassin .he is a foreigner, deformed by the horrors and hurt by those who should have been his protectors. He's felt pain, seen things, and inflicted atrocities that would have killed lesser beings. If he could speak, he'd tell you all about it.


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