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Shitan, Xiangtan

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City  Xiangtan
Population  74,000
Postal code  411200
Local time  Sunday 5:42 AM
Area code  0732
County  Xiangtan County
Time zone  China Standard (UTC+8)
Area  124.3 km²
Province  Hunan
Shitan, Xiangtan
Country  People's Republic of China
Weather  10°C, Wind S at 8 km/h, 88% Humidity

Shitan Town (simplified Chinese: 石潭镇; traditional Chinese: 石潭鎮; pinyin: Shítán Zhèn) is an urban town in Xiangtan County, Xiangtan City, Hunan Province, People's Republic of China. As of the 2010 census it had a population of 74,000 and an area of 124.3 square kilometres (48.0 sq mi).


Map of Shitanzhen, Xiangtan, Hunan, China

Administrative division

The town is divided into 42 villages and 4 communities, the following areas: Zhengjie Community (正街社区), Hengjie Community (横街社区), Shanmuqiao Community (杉木桥社区), Yaoshang Community (窑上社区), Shuangma Village (双马村), Maqiao Village (马桥村), Raotian Village (饶田村), Kengshan Village (坑山村), Zhongtang Village (中塘村), Lianbin Village (涟滨村), Ziyun Village (紫云村), Yangzi Village (杨梓村), Guangrong Village (光荣村), Baituo Village (白托村), Wenjiatan Village (文佳滩村), Caotang Village (草塘村), Honhwang Village (洪望村), Maotang Village (毛塘村), Zhongba Village (中坝村), Tunxia Village (饨下村), Xinwei Village (新桅村), Longquan Village (龙泉村), Liema Village (列马村), Shangyue Village (上月村), Puqing Village (普庆村), Hede Village (合德村), Ganlutang Village (甘露塘村), Longgutang Village (龙骨塘村), Qingshanzui Village (青山嘴村), Fengshuting Village (枫树亭村), Xinzhuang Village (新庄村), Xinhe Village (新合村), Xiangshao Village (向韶村), Furongtang Village (芙蓉塘村), Bajiaoting Village (八角亭村), Jiulong Village (九龙村), Tonghu Village (通湖村), Fenshui Village (分水村), Bailong Village (白龙村), Lianhuaba Village (莲花坝村), Gucheng Village (古城村), Guyun Village (古云村), Shizhutang Village (莳竹塘村), Zhaotuo Village (兆托村), Tuoxia Village (托下村), and Lianmeng Village (联盟村).


In May 1955, Shitan Town was built.


Rice is important to the economy.


Huaguxi is the most influence local theater.


Shitan, Xiangtan Wikipedia

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