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Shingyōtō ryū

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Shingyōtō-ryū (心形刀流) is a Japanese koryū swordsmanship style that was founded in 1682 by Iba Josuiken Hideaki (伊庭是水軒秀明). The name roughly translates as "mind shape/form sword school". The style places a high emphasis on swordsmanship philosophy, mainly to-ho-no-sho-shin or "the heart of the sword".


  • Systems: kenjutsu (odachi, kodachi, nitto), iaijutsu, naginatajutsu, kagitsuki naginata (glaive mounted with a crossbar at the juncture of haft and blade)
  • Date founded: 1682
  • Founded by: Iba Josuiken Hideaki
  • Present representative/headmaster: Kobayashi Masao 5th generation instructor at the Kameyama Enbujō
  • Primarily located in: Mie Prefecture
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