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Shin Saw of Ava

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Predecessor  Min Hla Myat
Father  Kyawswa?
Religion  Theravada Buddhism
Spouse  Minkhaung I (1400–1422)
Parents  Kyawswa?, Saw Myat Ke?
Successor  Saw Min Hla
Mother  Saw Myat Ke?
Died  Inwa, Myanmar (Burma)
House  Kingdom of Ava
Tenure  25 November 1400 – c. February 1422

Shin Saw (Burmese: ရှင်စော, [ʃɪ̀ɴ sɔ́]) was the chief queen consort of King Minkhaung I of Ava from 1400 to 1422. The royal chronicles identify her as Hsinbyushin ("lord of White Elephant").


Her stone inscription dated 28 February 1409 states that she was the chief queen consort of Minkhaung I, and that she was a granddaughter of King Swa Saw Ke and his two senior queens (Queen of the Southern Palace and the Queen of the Northern Palace). The inscription continues that the two queen grandmothers were sisters of King Thado Minbya, which means they were Shin Saw Gyi of Sagaing and Saw Omma of Sagaing. It also means her parents, who were not explicitly named neither in the inscription nor in the chronicles, were first cousins. If the list of children of her two grandmothers given in the Hmannan Yazawin chronicle is accurate and complete, her parents were most probably Kyawswa and Saw Myat Ke.

Saw became the chief queen of Minkhaung I, her half-uncle, at his accession in 1400. Her two younger sisters Saw Khway and Min Pyan were also married to the new king. She had no children.


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