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Shia Islam in Africa

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Shia Islam in Africa

The population of Shi'a in Africa is composed of several, primarily heterodox, communities:

  • Shia adherents in northern Nigeria.
  • Shia Islam in Senegal, brought by the Lebanese Sheikh Abdul-Mun'am Az-zain. The Sheikh built Shi'a schools and mosques and helped send Senegalese to Iran or Lebanon to study the religion. 7% of Senegalese people practice Shi'a Islam, most of whom are Twelvers.
  • Highly persecuted low profile Shia Muslims in Egypt.
  • Ismaili communities, most of which were established by immigrants from South Asia. These populations are found in:
  • East Africa, particularly Tanganyika, Kenya, Uganda, Malagasy, and Zanzibar. Such groups include the Khoja, who are primarily Ismaili
  • Central Africa, Burundi, Rwanda, and Zaire
  • South Africa
  • African Shia Islamic Movement

    African Shia Islamic Movement is a Nigeria-based organization. Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky is the Leader of the Movement.


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