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Shah Malum

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Died  Fenchuganj Upazila, Bangladesh

Shah Malum was a 14th-century Sufi saint and one of the 360 followers who accompanied Shah Jalal in his conquest of Sylhet, India from Turkey. In 1303 AD, he took part in the expedition of Sylhet which was led by Shah Jalal . After the conquest of Sylhet, he established a Khanqah at Rajonpur in Fenchuganj Upazila, about 28 km away from Sylhet town, where he started Sufi spiritual practices and activities. He played a significant role in propagating Islam and establishing Muslim rule in the Sylhet region.

Shah Malum was known locally as Junaid Gujrati. Junaid is his name and Gujrati was his identifier, he was from Gujarat, this is consistent with many of the 360 companions of Hazrat Shahjalal, they had the country or region attached to the their names. It is said that when his uncle set Shahjalal off to find his land, he travelled through the countries/regions and as he passed through he connected with Sufi's of the land. Shahjalal builts his team and Junaid was one of them from Gujarat. Junaid is known as Malum because had a key role as a member of the 360 companions, he was very intelligent, and knowledgeable and guided the companions in the conquest.

It is unclear how and when he died, but he is buried near his Khanqah. For centuries, large numbers of devotees have been visiting his tomb, a practice which continues even today. On the 2nd, 3rd and 4th day of January, the urs of Shah Malum takes place.

Kala miah shah malum mazar in fenchugonj


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