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Shō Kinpuku

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Reign  1449–1453
Successor  Sho Taikyu
Issue  Shiro
Name  Sho Kinpuku
Predecessor  Sho Shitatsu
Died  1453
House  House of Sho

Shō Kinpuku (尚 金福, Shō Kinpuku, 1398–1453) was a king of the Ryukyu Kingdom, the 5th of the line of the First Shō Dynasty.

Shō Kinpuku succeeded his nephew, Shō Shitatsu, in 1449. A one-kilometer-long dam, which known as Chōkō Dam (長虹堤, Chōkōtei), was built in 1451 by Kaiki (懐機 Huái Jī), a somewhat mysterious figure from Ming China. The dam was built from Naha harbor to Tomari harbor, connecting many tiny isles.

King Shō Kinpuku died in 1453, a succession dispute erupted between the king's son Shiro (志魯) and his younger brother Furi (布里). Shuri Castle was burned down in the conflict, and both of them died in the incident. After the incident, the king's other younger brother, Shō Taikyū, came to the throne.


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