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Sergei Stepashin's Cabinet

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Date formed  19 May 1999
Head of government  Sergei Stepashin
No. of ministers  33
Date dissolved  9 August 1999
Head of state  Boris Yeltsin
Sergei Stepashin's Cabinet
Deputy head of government  Nikolai Aksenenko Viktor Khristenko Vladimir Putin

Sergei Stepashin's Cabinet was the Cabinet of Russian Prime Minister Sergei Stepashin from May to August 1999. The Cabinet served under the presidency of Boris Yeltsin.

Upon his appointment as Prime Minister (by a Duma vote of 301 to 55), Stepashin publicly identified a series of problems that he said faced the country, including high rates of poverty, low industrial output, high public debt and a weak legal environment.

The Cabinet, and Stepashin's premiership, lasted only until August, when Yeltsin dismissed them. Stepashin stated upon his removal that "these three months haven't been wasted, we have managed to keep the situation in the country under control. The ruble hasn't plunged contrary to many predictions". Stepashin was replaced by Vladimir Putin.


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