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Serbians (Serbian: Србијанци/Srbijanci) is a demonym for the inhabitants of Serbia, most often used for the country's ethnic Serbs, though correctly used for citizens regardless of ethnicity. In Serbian, Srbijanci is used for Serbs from Serbia, or in a narrow sense, Serbs from Central Serbia. The term thus excludes ethnic Serbs in the neighboring countries, such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro and Macedonia, for which the term Srbin (pl. Srbi) is used. In English, there has been confusion over the usage between the two, with the term "Serbians" some times erroneously applied to ethnic Serbs outside Serbia (such as "Bosnian Serbians" for Bosnian Serbs). Likewise, the term "Serbs" has been erroneously applied to citizens of Serbia regardless of their ethnicity. The term Srbijanci has been viewed of as false and offensive by some, as it is mostly used in Croatia and Vojvodina. It has been noted that this type of demonym is only present in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia (notably, as opposed to neighbouring Albania and Croatia) — French people are French, whether living in France or in the diaspora, whether ethnic French or not, Italian people are Italian, etc.

Map of Serbia

In the 1852 Serbian Dictionary, the entry includes the following:

A popular Serbian folk song has the refrain " ...jelek (vest), anterija (short vest), and opanci (traditional moccasins), is how you recognize a Srbijanac (Serbian)...", describing the Serbian folk costume.


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