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Segugio Cravin

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Originating in Piedmont, Italy, Segugio Cravin is a variety of the Piccolo Lepraiolo Italiano, specialized for hunting hares.

It is probably the result of crossbreeding of Italian scent hounds, like the “Ciaplen”, a very skillful small short-haired scenthound. In the past these dogs were bred by hunters on the Piedmontese hills. The strict selection resulted in an extremely skilled and clever scenthound. Very few pure specimens remain today.

SIPS, the Italian Association for Scenthounds, has created a Committee of experts to get official recognition of the breed Piccolo Lepraiolo Italiano and to set a common standard. The best examples are the Cravin.

General appearance: It is a medium or small sized dog of robust constitution with a thick coat, but a slender build with good muscles and strong bones. It has a shy and reserved temperament, and does not make a fuss.

Working habits Dynamic, enthusiastic and tireless, the Cravin can work in all kinds of ground. Its gait of choice is the trot, while searching, which is light, energetic, easy, alternating with some galloping. It follows scents scrupulously, and does not waste time on dubious ones. The dog shows initiative, and conclusive action. It announces what it has found with vibrant movements of the tail which hits the hips, then through a high sharp voice. It can work alone or even better in pairs.

Size of males 47 to 50 cm.


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