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Seefra is a fictional planetary system in the Andromeda universe.

Seefra-1 is considered to be the same planet as Tarn-Vedra, as discovered by Dylan Hunt in Season 5 of the show.

All characters are transported to the Seefra system at the end of Season 4, by Trance Gemini.

8 of the 9 planets in the Seefra system, save for Seefra-1, are destroyed during Season 5, as Trance Gemini's sun enters the system to become the new Seefran/Vedran sun. Not only are most planets destroyed, but the manufactured Methus suns are consumed as well. The new Vedran sun comes to a stop after consuming 8 of the 9 planets, which have been designed as an elaborate braking system.

Much of Season 5 centers on the discovery and decoding of the Methus Diagram which is a blueprint of the Methus suns, the repair of the Methus-2 sun, and the evacuation of the Seefran planets (2-9) before the approach of the new sun.

Planetary Differentiation

All Planets

  • Each planet in the Seefra system contains a Vedran portal chamber which allows instant transport to any of the nine planets in the system.
  • Seefra-1

  • Most crew members are transported to and reside on this planet.
  • Bar run by Seamus Harper, and used during most episodes of Season 5.
  • Seefra-5

  • Inhabited by a religious sect led by Burma and his sister Ashael (she disobeys her brother and calls for help from the Andromeda). This sect eschews all technology, and believes that the earthquakes, caused by the impending sun, are an elaborate hoax of technology perpetuated by Dylan Hunt and the Andromeda.
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