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Sedition (UK band)

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Sedition (UK band)
Albums  Sixty Miles by Road or Rail (demo)

Sedition was an anarcho punk/hardcore band based in Northampton, England, active from 1983 through 1987. Cassette and MP3 bootlegs of demos and live performances exist, but their only official release was on a cassette-only various artists compilation put out by Cold Spring Records. This was the label's first release, and its cover is displayed on the label's webpage. The cassette also featured bands such as Psychic TV, Bruise, Charlie Don't Surf, and Venus Flytrap.

The band started off influenced and involved with the anarcho punk scene, and played shows with bands such as Antisect, Conflict, Smart Pils, Dirt, No Defences, Annie Anxiety, Karma Sutra, and Deviated Instinct. They were also initially influenced by underground music and hardcore bands, and they managed to play shows with Government Issue, Lärm, and British hardcore band AYS. Later, this interest led to a sound that was slower and generally instrumental. It is this sound, with a three-piece lineup, that can be heard on the demo 60 Miles by Road or Rail. Earache Records intended to release two of the tracks from the demo on a compilation LP, but the project was later shelved. A track from this demo, "Pink Hendrix Hairdryer", was featured on the Cold Spring Records compilation.

There were three constant members of the band: Greg Bull on guitar, Alan Smith on bass, and Mark Davess on drums. There were four vocalists who came and went through their period of activity. These people were Tim Radford, Simon Trkula, Lorna Simpson, and Tim Andrews. Tim Andrews was recruited by Antisect, and stayed with them until their disbandment.

Mark Davess was later in Charlie Don't Surf, acoustic band Buggy Chillum and a Moscow-based punk band called Species.


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