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Security management studies

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Security studies is a course of study focusing on security management. Among the topics generally included in a security studies course of study are loss prevention and risk management, addressing potential physical threats such terrorism or armed robbery, and a wide variety of other potential threats and losses such as theft and fraud. Other topics are often covered in security studies include health & safety awareness, customer care, conflict management, physical restraint, control, and self-defense, fire safety, first aid, access control, the study of relevant laws, private detainment and arrest procedures, communications, criminology, fitness, IT applications, and other technology such as monitoring of closed-circuit television, and administrative procedures such as report-writing.

Certificate and diploma programs in security studies are available through private colleges and continuing education programs. Some organizations also offer in-house training in partnership with a professional institute which represents the security industry in a particular country. Courses of this sort typically take at least a year to complete; a security studies curriculum should not to be confused with the basic requirements to meet the licensing requirements of the statutory bodies regulating the private security industry.

Graduates in security studies may progress to higher education and/or further training in related areas of study, supervisory/managerial positions in the security sector, or to career training as a private investigator. Completion of security studies training can also improve a candidate's chances of gaining employment in law enforcement, the military, or the correctional system.


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