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SecureBox is a software product of the Comodo Group and was released in July 2014. The purpose of the software is to allow an application operate safely, particularly when conducting sensitive activities such as financial transactions, from an already compromised system. SecureBox protects the application and it activities even if the computer is infected with malware. With SecureBox, a user can have a secured area on the OS that creates a container to execute applications safely.

SecureBox sits on top of the host operating system and intercepts application calls to sensitive areas of the OS.


Features of Comodo SecureBox include:

  • Securing mission critical data in transit by creating a secure tunnel between client and web server.
  • Protecting against keyloggers by bypassing the Windows input subsystem.
  • Intercepting remote takeover attempts by detecting attempted screen captures.
  • Anti-SSL sniffing technology to guard against man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Containerization of applications to prevent memory scraping.
  • Cloud-based virus scan to detect and terminate any virus activity on the host device.
  • Unlike other endpoint product, SecureBox protect only the application and not the entire device. It is intended for use with mission critical applications such as for point-of-sale systems (POS), ATMs, and financial transactions


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