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Secret (Kumi Koda album)

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Recorded  2004–2005
Artist  Kumi Koda
Producer  Max Matsuura
Genres  J-pop, Rhythm and blues
Length  1:03:23
Release date  9 February 2005
Label  Rhythm Zone
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Released  February 9, 2005 April 13, 2005 (Special Editions)
Secret (2005)  Best First Things (2005)
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Koda kumi secret album all hq instrumentals

Secret (stylized as secret) is the fourth studio album released by Japanese R&B-turned-pop singer Kumi Koda released in February 2005. It charted at #3 on Oricon, giving her highest charting album at the time, and stayed on the charts for fifty-six weeks.


This album also jump-started Kumi's ero-kawaii/sexy-cute image, which she would become synonymous with. This style would later spread throughout Japan's high school community upon her release of Butterfly.

Album review 16 koda kumi secret


secret is the first predominately-pop album by Koda Kumi, with her first three albums, feel my mind, grow into one and affection, being R&B. Due to Kumi feeling most comfortable with the style she donned in Crazy 4 U, she created the "sexy-cute" style (known as ero-kawaii) for her a-sides used in secret. This is the style that she would become famous for and would garner both positive and negative attention.

While her sexy and cute image aided in increasing her popularity, it was met with both positive and negative reactions from the public and media. During her performance for Cutie Honey at Music Station, she donned the outfit she wore during the jazz parlor scenes in the music video. This outfit became heavily criticized, whereas revealing clothing was not worn by mainstream artists in Japan at the time.

On April 13, 2005, three "special editions" were released, which contained the music video for Hot Stuff feat. KM-MARKIT and, depending on which "Special Edition for Live" was purchased, came with a t-shirt or a tank top.

The DVD contained the music videos originally released on girls ~Selfish~: Selfish, Shake It and 24. The song 24 was the first time Koda Kumi released a song with an entire chorus in English, which was written and composed by Hitoshi Shimono. She would later work with Hitoshi again for her 2006 song Feel. Hitoshi would work with Kumi again in 2006 for her song feel, which also contained a chorus done completely in English.


secret was released in four editions:

  • CD: contains fifteen musical tracks.
  • CD+DVD: contains fifteen musical tracks and eight music videos.
  • CD+DVD [Special Edition]: contains seventeen musical tracks, nine music videos and either a tank top or t-shirt.
  • The special editions came with two bonus tracks, It's a Small World featuring the Heartsdales and a remix of Hot Stuff featuring KM-MARKIT and UZI. The DVD of this version also came with the music video for Hot Stuff.

    Each editions contained different cover art: the CD only contained a blue heart, the CD+DVD contained a pink heart and the "special edition" contained a holographic heart.

    Music Videos

    Two new music videos were released on the DVD: the "album version" of hands, which was the first time a different version of a music video was released, and Trust You. There was a different version of Trust You released on her Hot Stuff feat. KM-MARKIT single, titled "Thanks to MAM & GRAMMA Version."

    While there were only two new music videos, the music videos from girls ~Selfish~ were also placed on the album, most notably due to girls ~Selfish~ being unsuccessful as a DVD single. These videos were Selfish, Shake It and 24.

  • Trust You: set in the future where men use technology to set women to perform. The A.Is, Kumi along with two others, are able to become sentient and reclaim dominance.
  • Selfish: carries a story of female vampires luring men to their hideout so they are able to live off their life force.
  • Shake It: carries a story of a man breaking into a tent, owned by Kumi. Kumi and her followers seduce him and convince him to leave. It is shown at the end he makes a phone call to an unknown source.
  • 24: a soft and sensual video, showing Kumi in her downtime as she fantasizes about a lover.
  • The music video to Hot Stuff was also placed on the DVD when the special edition was released two months later.

    Promotional Advertisements

    Selfish was used as the theme to the 20th East Women's Ekiden

    Hearty... was used as the promotional theme for the KOJIMA Ltd. product Fresh Gray 2005.

    Trust You was used as MTV Japan's buzz ASIA theme for March 2005.

    24 was used as the theme song for SANCTUARY/Otona no Seiiki (サンクチュアリ/大人の聖域)

    Let's Party was used for the television advertisement of Shueisha's MORE.

    It's a Small World feat. Heartsdales was used as the theme song for Japan's release of the 2004 film 80 Days.

    Track listing

    Special Edition Bonus Tracks


    Oricon Sales Chart (Japan)

    Alternate Versions

    Let's Party

    1. Let's Party: Found on the album (2005)
    2. Let's Party [KOZM® Remix]: Found on Koda Kumi Driving Hit's 5 (2013)

    Trust You

    1. Trust You: Found on the album (2005)
    2. Trust You [Dub's Trust me Remix]: Found on single Hot Stuff feat. KM-MARKIT (2005)


    1. Selfish: Found on the album (2005)
    2. Selfish [D.I's C&B MIX]: Found on single Hot Stuff feat. KM-MARKIT (2005)


    1Intro ~Get Down~1:27
    3Hot Stuff (featKM-MARKIT)4:07


    Secret (Kumi Koda album) Wikipedia

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