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Second Variety (1991 collection)

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Language  English
Publication date  1991
Pages  414 pp
Originally published  1987
Country  United States of America
Publisher  Citadel Twilight
Media type  Print (Paperback)
ISBN  0-8065-1226-1
Author  Philip K. Dick
OCLC  50852265
Second Variety (1991 collection) t0gstaticcomimagesqtbnANd9GcSUQPwyh7rN75AVpe
Genres  Fiction, Short story, Science Fiction, Speculative fiction
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Second Variety is a collection of science fiction stories by Philip K. Dick. It was first published by Citadel Twilight in 1991 and reprints Volume III of The Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick with the addition of the story "Second Variety". Many of the stories had originally appeared in the magazines If, Science Fiction Adventures, Science Fiction Stories, Orbit, Fantasy and Science Fiction, Imagination, Future, Galaxy Science Fiction, Beyond Fantasy Fiction, Satellite, Science Fiction Quarterly, Imaginative Tales and Space Science Fiction.


  • Introduction, by John Brunner
  • "Fair Game"
  • "The Hanging Stranger"
  • "The Eyes Have It"
  • "The Golden Man"
  • "The Turning Wheel"
  • "The Last of the Masters"
  • "The Father-Thing"
  • "Strange Eden"
  • "Tony and the Beetles"
  • "Null-O"
  • "To Serve the Master"
  • "Exhibit Piece"
  • "The Crawlers"
  • "Sales Pitch"
  • "Shell Game"
  • "Upon the Dull Earth"
  • "Foster, You’re Dead"
  • "Pay for the Printer"
  • "War Veteran"
  • "The Chromium Fence"
  • "Misadjustment"
  • "A World of Talent"
  • "Psi-Man Heal My Child!"
  • "Second Variety"
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