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Searle (surname)

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Searle is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Berni Searle (born 1964), South African photographer and installation artist
  • Charles Edward Searle, British academic, Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge University 1888–89
  • Damon Searle (born 1971), Welsh footballer
  • Frank Searle (1921–2005), British photographer of the Loch Ness Monster
  • Frank Searle (1874-1948), Chief Engineer of the London General Omnibus Company
  • George Frederick Charles Searle (1864–1954), British physicist
  • George Mary Searle (1839–1918), American astronomer
  • Greg Searle (born 1972), British Olympic rower, brother of Jonny Searle
  • Helen Searle (1834–1884), American painter
  • Henry Ernest Searle (1866–1899), Australian professional sculler
  • Humphrey Searle (1915–1982), British composer
  • James Searle (c. 1730–1797), American merchant
  • John Searle (born 1932), American philosopher, famous for work on consciousness and for his speech act theory
  • Jonny Searle (born 1969), British Olympic rower, brother of Greg Searle
  • Ken Searle (born 1951), Australian artist
  • Michael Searle, Australian rugby league football personality
  • Robert Searle, English pirate of the mid-17th century
  • Rod Searle (1920–2014), American politician
  • Ron Searle, Canadian mayor from 1976 to 1978
  • Ronald Searle (1920–2011), British artist and cartoonist
  • Ryan Searle (born 1989), Australian baseball player
  • Shayle R. Searle, American statistician
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