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Seal (surname)

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Seal, Shil, Shill, Sil, Silsharma, Shillsharma, is a Bengali Hindu Brahmin family name. It literally means the quality of being devoted. The family name is common to people of Hindu Rajput and Bengali community. Seal is the anglicized version of the name, but Shil, Shill, Sil, Silsharma, ShillSharma fall under Brahmin caste.

Notable people

  • Mutty Lall Seal (1792-1854), Indian entrepreneur and philanthropist
  • Brajendra Nath Seal (1864-1938), Indian philosopher
  • Kiron Chandra Seal (born Dec 1, 1928), Indian Statistician, Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society
  • Sudhangshu Seal (born 1945), Indian politician
  • Arindam Sil (March 12, 1964), Indian actor, producer and director
  • Aditya Seal (March 22, 1988), Indian actor
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