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Scutari Corps

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Active  September 18, 1912–
Allegiance  Western Army
Country  Ottoman Empire
Size  Corps
Garrison/HQ  Scutari (present day: Shkodër)
Patron  Sultans of the Ottoman Empire

The Scutari Corps, Işkodra Corps or Shkodër Corps of the Ottoman Empire (Turkish: İşkodra Kolordusu) was one of the corps under the command of the Ottoman Western Army. It was formed in Scutari (present day: Shkodër) area during the First Balkan War.

Order of Battle, October 19, 1912

On October 19, 1912, the corps was structured as follows:

  • Scutari Corps HQ (Montenegrin Front, under the command of the Western Army, commander: Kurmay Miralay Hasan Riza Bey, chief of staff: Kurmay Kaymakam Abdurrahman Nafiz Bey)
  • 24th Division (commander: Kurmay Miralay Hasan Riza Bey)
  • 70th Infantry Regiment
  • 71st Infantry Regiment
  • 72nd Infantry Regiment
  • 24th Artillery Regiment
  • 24th Rifle Battalion
  • Elbesan Redif Division (commander: Kurmay Miralay Djemal Bey, chief of staff: Staff Captain Asim Bey)
  • Elbasan Redif Regiment (commander: Staff Captain Omer Efendi)
  • Elbasan Redif Battalion
  • Libraşt Redif Battalion
  • Gramış Redif Battalion
  • Tiran Redif Regiment (commander: Staff Captain Edhem Efendi)
  • Tiran Redif Battalion
  • Erzen Redif Battalion
  • Akçahisar Redif Battalion
  • Berat Redif Regiment (commander: Staff Captain Arif Efendi)
  • Berat Redif Battalion
  • Devol Redif Battalion
  • Skrapar Redif Battalion
  • Draç Redif Regiment (commander: Staff Captain M. Salim Efendi)
  • Draç Redif Battalion
  • Peklin Redif Battalion
  • Kavala Redif Battalion
  • Bosna Redif Battalion
  • Provisional Regular Division (commander: Kurmay Miralay Sadik Bey, chief of staff: Staff Captain Sherif Bey)
  • 3rd battalion of the 50th Infantry Regiment
  • 1st battalion of the 51st Infantry Regiment
  • 1st and 2nd battalions of the 53rd Infantry Regiment
  • 54th Infantry Regiment
  • Scutari Fortified Area Command
  • Debre Redif Battalion
  • Debre-i Bâlâ Redif Battalion
  • Debre-i Zîr Redif Battalion
  • Mat Redif Battalion
  • Rakalar Redif Battalion
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