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Screen Associates Films

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Screen Associates Films is a series of 29 half-hour American anthology dramas produced by Screen Televideo Productions/Flamingo Films. Eight episodes originally aired on Your Jeweler's Showcase on CBS. Those episodes and the remaining twenty-one aired in first-run syndication as Televideo Theater from 1952-53.

Your Jeweler's Showcase episodes were:

  1. Like Rich People
  2. Operation ESP
  3. A Study in Charcoal
  4. Teacher of the Year
  5. Tenampa
  6. Marked X
  7. Tiger Bait
  8. Something for Ginger

Guest stars included Ruth Warrick, Martha Hyer, Sheldon Leonard, Peggy Castle, Darryl Hickman, Jack Kruschen, and Jeanette Nolan


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