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Scotto is a given name and a surname (the patronymic is Scotti), generally Italian, and may refer to:

  • Scotto, a 13th-century troubadour
  • Anthony M. Scotto (born 1934), American mobster
  • Aubrey Scotto (1895–1953), American film director
  • Daniel Scotto, American financial analyst
  • Girolamo Scotto (c.1505 – 1572), Venetian music printer and composer
  • Renata Scotto (born 1934), Italian soprano
  • Rosanna Scotto, American news anchor
  • Vincent Scotto (1876–1952), French composer
  • Scott Scotto Osman, (1969–present), Rave producer, lighting designer
  • It is also the nickname of:

  • Scott Allen Miller, American talk radio personality
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