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Scottish Prohibition Party

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The Scottish Prohibition Party was a minor Scottish political party which advocated alcohol prohibition.

The party was founded in 1901. In its early years, Bob Stewart acted as the party's full-time organiser. In 1908, Stewart and Edwin Scrymgeour were elected to Dundee Town Council.

From the 1908 by-election onwards, Scrymgeour stood for the party in the Dundee constituency. Stewart acted as his election agent in 1910, but fell out with him over his religiosity. He led a Marxist split, the Prohibition and Reform Party, which merged with the Communist Party of Great Britain in 1920.

Scrymgeour was finally elected as M.P. for Dundee at 1922 general election, when he and the Labour candidate E. D. Morel defeated Winston Churchill. In Parliament, on issues other than prohibition, he generally supported the Labour Party.

Scrymgeour lost his seat at the 1931 general election. The party was disbanded in 1935, against the wishes of Scrymgeour.


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