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Scorpion's Revenge

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Directed by  Daisuke Goto
Music by  EISEN
Written by  Toshimichi Saeki
Director  Daisuke Gotô
4.4/10 IMDb

Screenplay by  Toshimichi Saeki
Initial release  5 April 1997 (Japan)
Editor  Hirohide Abe
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Produced by  Shinsuke Yamazaki Masaaki Yokouci Hideo Sugimoto Yutaro Kawamura
Based on  Female Prisoner Scorpion by Tohru Shinohara
Starring  Yoko Saito Shizuka Ochi
Distributed by  Pony Canyon (Japan), Central Park Media (North America)
Cast  Yoko Saito, Shizuka Ochi, Tetta Sugimoto, Kristin Norton, Takanori Kikuchi
Similar  Andre: Heart of the Giant, The Zodiac Killer, House on Fire, Female Prisoner Scorpion, Torpedo Run

Scorpion s revenge sasori in u s a trailer mov

Scorpion's Revenge (also known as Sasori in U.S.A.) is a 1997 Japanese women in prison film directed by Daisuke Goto, and starring Yoko Saito, Shizuka Ochi and Tetta Sugimoto. The film was a Japanese/American co-production and was mostly filmed in Los Angeles, California. The plot of the film centers on a woman framed for the murder of her husband, bearing the similar plot to Double Jeopardy (which was released two years later).


Scorpion s revenge


Nami Matsuhima and her husband Jiro were a Japanese couple living in the United States. Unfortunately, Nami's life changes for the worse, when Jiro is killed by an explosion from a bomb that was in his car.

The police believe that Nami is responsible because Jiro had signed a life insurance policy the month before, which granted Nami $1.2 million dollars. She is sent to a women's prison and is assigned to a cell, next to another Japanese woman, Yukiko Kida. Nami learns from Yukiko and other prisoners that the warden likes to rape and torture several of the prisoners that are brought over by Zamira, the warden's favorite.

Meanwhile, Nami's friend and Jiro's former partner, Jimmy Yoshioka tells Nami about Jiro's lawyer career and had made some enemies, which leads Nami to believe she was framed. Then, Yukiko is raped by the warden and Nami decides to avenge her. Nami is brought over to the warden and kills him. She then, knocks out Zamira by slamming her head against the gate and grabs the keys. She, Yukiko and a bunch of other prisoners escape.

However, only Nami and Yukiko managed to fully escape. They are stranded and left to die in the Mexican desert and Nami learns that Yukiko is blind, and tells Nami that her boyfriend was killed by a gang leader and was also raped and blinded by him. Jimmy eventually finds them and helps them. Jimmy then tells her that all of Jiro's enemies have been killed, which throws them off. Nami decides to help Yukiko exact her revenge. She goes to the church, where the gang leader is getting married and shoots him dead.

Nami later finds out that Jiro had faked his death and confronts Jiro at their home (which is now left for sale). Nami finds out about Jiro's motives. Jiro escapes and Nami engages in a car chase which ends with Nami and Jiro in the desert. Jiro is about to kill Nami, when a scorpion stings him and is paralyzed. Nami takes the shotgun and kills him. She leaves his body in his car and set both on fire.


  • Yoko Saito as Nami Matsuhita
  • Shizuka Ochi as Yukiko Kida
  • Tetta Sugimoto as Jiro Sugimi
  • Kirsten Norton as Zamira
  • Takanori Kikuchi as Jimmy Yoshioka
  • Michael Hegedus as Warden Cooper
  • Kimberly Shaolm Valentino as Sandra
  • Carol Hoyt as Linda
  • Bebra Aza as Liz
  • Kevin Crowther as Paul
  • Franciso Viana as Dino
  • Buddy Daniels as Fuller
  • Hank Matt as Anthony
  • Kim Delgado as Prosecutor
  • English voice cast

  • Lynna Dunham as Nami Matsushima
  • Rebecca Miriam as Yukiko Kida
  • Tim Breese as Jiro Sugimi
  • Roxie Hudson as Zamira
  • Dan Green as Jimmy Yoshioka
  • Eric Liang as Warden Cooper
  • Kay Parrott as Inmates (Additional Voices)
  • Release

    The film was released direct-to-video on VHS on October 17, 1997. The movie was licensed in North America by Central Park Media, who released the film under their Asia Pulp Cinema label on VHS on December 28, 1999 and later on DVD with an English dub on September 9, 2003. The English dub was produced by Central Park Media and was recorded at Audioworks Producers Group in New York City.


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