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Scorpaena sumptuosa

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Kingdom  Animalia
Subfamily  Scorpaeninae
Scientific name  Scorpaena sumptuosa
Higher classification  Scorpaena
Order  Scorpaeniformes
Family  Scorpaenidae
Genus  Scorpaena
Phylum  Chordata
Rank  Species
Similar  Scorpaena, Scorpionfish, Grandfather hapuku, Scorpaena papillosa, Scorpaena colorata

western red scorpion cod scorpaena sumptuosa

Scorpaena sumptuosa, the Western red scorpionfish, is a deadly species of marine fish of the family Scorpaenidae. It is colored bright red to pale brown, around 400 millimeters in length, and has tassel-like appendages that aid its camouflage. This species lies in ambush, motionless and disguised amongst corals, where it awaits prey which it sucks into its large and quick mouth. A row of poisonous spines are found along the dorsal region which it is able to make erect when threatened.

Scorpaena sumptuosa is also known as the Western red scorpionfish, or scorpioncod. The species is endemic to the coast of Southwest Australia, in a range extending from Esperance, Western Australia to Point Quobba. Scorpaena sumptuosa is not as toxic to humans as the stonefish of the same region, but able to cause a painful sting.


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