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Kingdom  Animalia
Scientific name  Sciades
Higher classification  Ariidae
Order  Catfish
Family  Ariidae
Phylum  Chordata
Rank  Genus
Similar  Catfish, Ariidae, Tete sea catfish, Sciades herzbergii, Sciades parkeri

Sciades is a genus of sea catfishes mostly found along the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea coasts of Central and South America. One species, S. dowii occurs on the Pacific side from Panama to Ecuador, another, S. paucus is a freshwater form found in Australia, while S. sona is a widespread species found along the Indian Ocean coasts of South Asia east into the Pacific to Polynesia. There are currently eight described species in this genus.


  • Sciades couma (Valenciennes, 1840) (Couma sea-catfish)
  • Sciades dowii (T. N. Gill, 1863) (Brown sea-catfish)
  • Sciades herzbergii (Bloch, 1794) (Pemecou sea-catfish)
  • Sciades parkeri (Traill, 1832) (Gillbacker sea-catfish)
  • Sciades passany (Valenciennes, 1840) (Passany sea-catfish)
  • Sciades paucus (Kailola, 2000)
  • Sciades proops (Valenciennes, 1840) (Crucifix sea-catfish)
  • Sciades sona (F. Hamilton, 1822) (Sona sea-catfish)
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