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Scia'new First Nation

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The Scia'new First Nation or Becher Bay Indian Band or Beecher Bay Indian Band is a First Nations band government located on southern Vancouver Island in southwestern British Columbia, Canada. There are 237 members who have eight reserves totaling 308 hectares. Most reside at Becher Bay Reserve No.1.

Indian reserves

Indian reserves under the administration of the band are:

  • Becher Bay Indian Reserve No. 1, on the north shore of Becher Bay, southern tip of Vancouver Island, 202.70 ha.
  • Becher Bay Indian Reserve No. 2, on the east shore of Becher Bay, 95.10 ha.
  • Fraser Island Indian Reserve No. 6, an island in Becher Bay, 5.70 ha.
  • Lamb Island Indian Reserve No. 5, on Lamb Island in Becher Bay, 0.20 ha.
  • Long Neck Island Indian Reserve No. 9, Large Bedford Island in Becher Bay, 1.60 ha.
  • Twin Island Indian Reserve No. 1, on an island at the north entrance to Parry Bay, south coast of Vancouver Island, 0.40 ha.
  • Village Island Indian Reserve No. 7, 3 islands in Becher Bay, southwest tip of Vancouver Island, 1.20 ha.
  • Whale Island Indian Reserve No. 8, West Bedford Island, entrance to Becher Bay, 0.80 ha.
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