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Schuurman and Schuurmans are Dutch toponymic surnames meaning "man from the barn". It can refer to:

  • Adriaan Schuurman (1904–1998), Dutch church music composer
  • Betty Schuurman (b. 1962), Dutch actress
  • Birgit Schuurman (b. 1977), Dutch rock singer and actress
  • Carol Schuurman (1934–2009), Dutch footballer
  • Egbert Schuurman (b. 1937), Dutch philosopher and politician
  • Glenn Schuurman (b. 1991), Dutch field hockey player
  • Jari Schuurman (b. 1997), Dutch footballer
  • Katja Schuurman (b. 1975), Dutch actress and singer
  • Marriët Schuurman (b. 1969), Dutch diplomat
  • Renée Schuurman (1939–2001), South African tennis player
  • Resit Schuurman (b. 1979), Dutch footballer
  • Tollien Schuurman (1913–1994), Dutch sprinter, world-record holder on the 100 m and 200 m dash in the 1930s
  • Wil Schuurman (b. 1943), Dutch politician
  • Schuurmans
  • Anna Maria Schuurmans (1607–1678), German-born Dutch painter, engraver, poet and scholar
  • Daan Schuurmans (b. 1972), Dutch actor
  • Jared Schuurmans (b. 1987), American track and field athlete
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