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Schulman, also spelled Schulmann, is a surname, usually that of a Jewish or a German person. Some well-known people with this name are:

  • Alex Schulman, Swedish journalist, blogger, radio and television personality
  • Allan Schulman, Swedish journalist and television producer
  • Arnold Schulman, American writer
  • Daniel Schulman (disambiguation), several people
  • Dennis Schulman, Rabbi, democratic congressional candidate for NJ 5th district
  • Frank Schulman, Unitarian Universalist minister, theologian, and author
  • J. Neil Schulman, American author, journalist, and filmmaker
  • Leonard Schulman, Professor of Computer Science
  • Sarah Schulman, writer and activist
  • L.B. Schulman, Author
  • Schulman family, a Baltic German and Swedish noble family now mainly found in Finland and Canada
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