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The Schuch family has its own Coat of Arms and the family title of Baron. The Schuch Family originated from the South part of Lake Baikal near China, in 1200. The ancestors came to Kiev in Ukraine in 1227, with Genghis Khan as Warlords. Then moved to Pest (part of contemporary Budapest) in Hungary in 1237, and afterwards moved to Vác to the North of Pest and alongside Donau River, where the family owned a palace. That was later sold to a relative, Baron Einantel. They in turn moved to Poland to Szynczyce, in 1807. The spelling of the name was changed after the move from Schuch to Szuch. Family had its palace at Aleja Szucha Nr 6 in Warszawa (Polish: Aleja Szucha w Warszawie), and another one in Nowy Swiat Nr 70, also in Warszawa. The Family owned together with the Nobel family(Swedish) oil fields in Baku, Russia. The Family purchased from Fürst Ysipov his palace at Yalta when he shot Mr Rasputin in St. Petersburg and needed to leave Russia in a haste. This palace was known as the Livadia Palace. Family had to leave in a haste at arrival of the Red Guard in 1917, at the time of the Russian revolution. This palace was a place of the meeting place for Sir Winston Churchill, President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Chairman Joseph Stalin, at the Yalta conference. A family adoption changed family name from Szuch to von Börtzell-Szuch in 1927. After World War II the family moved from Poland in 1945 to England, taking up a position as Second Secretary of the Polish Embassy in London, and from there to Sweden in 1947 as Polish Consul in Gothenburg, and then stayed there permanently. Polish authorities (local Court of Law in Gdansk) changed the name spelling from Boertzell-Szuch to Börtzell-Szuch, in 2004.

Last noted family members in Hungary 1711: Stefan Schuch, Coadjutor in Archdiocese of Esztergom-Budapest, Hungary.

Two other branches of the family might be living in Germany (wine and electronics producers, Wehrmacht General in World War II) and another one in Swiss. This since three brothers left Hungary in 1807, each and one of them in separate directions. No more is known.

Schuch and Szuch family names spread over the world.

The origin of the Schuch and Szuch families are mostly spread among following nations: Hungary, Austria-Hungary, Poland, Germany and the USA. Lesser family formations can be observed in other countries as well, as i.e. France. USA holds about 2000 families, Poland some 35, Germany and Hungary numbers are at present unknown to me. All figures given as general estimation, since they do change by time. All these families are not related to each other, other than within their one and own family origin. They simply share the same surname with each other. Below are some of them listed, who tried to do this world a better place for all of us to live in:

Schuch as a surname may also refer to:

  • Carl Schuch (1846–1903), Austrian painter
  • Ernst von Schuch (1846–1914), Austrian conductor
  • Johann Christian Schuch (1752–1813), Dresden-born architect and garden designer, also known as Polish: Jan Chrystian Szuch.
  • Ignacy Schuch, 2 Med.Doc.Ex. Hungarian Army 1800-1809 campaign. 1815 entering health service of the kingdom of Poland.
  • Franciszek Szuch, son of Ignacy, 3 Med.Doc.Ex. studies Warszawa, London, Paris, Berlin and Vienna. 1806-1832.
  • Franciszek Edward Szuch, Judge and General Prosecutor of the State of Poland. Decorated: Order Odrodzenia Polski. 1850-1930.
  • Ignacy Szuch, Polish Air Force World War I pilot, Decorated Order Virtuti Militari.
  • Aleksander Szuch Ulan, Decorated Order Virtuti Militari in Silver 1920.4 x KW - Krzyz Walecznych
  • Teresa Lewtak-Stattler née Szuch, his daughter, also a war hero
  • Irena Szuch-Wyszomirska, born Baroness Szuch, living Aleja Szuch:a Nr 6, Warszawa Poland before the World War II. Children book writer and translator of Astrid Lindgrens "Pippi Longstrumpf" books. Sister to Marjan von Börtzell-Szuch.
  • Marjan von Börtzell-Szuch, 18 Regiment in Skierniewice (Cav.Off.), World War II, decorated with the Order of Virtuti Militari in Silver. Honorary Officer of the French Atlantic Army for his deeds in World War II. Second Secretary, Polish Embassy in London 1945-1947. Polish Consul in Gothenburg, Sweden 1947-1950. Born in Ljepäja, Latvia in 1914, died in Gdansk 2004.
  • Solveig von Börtzell-Szuch, Language teacher, Sweden. Rewarded by Svenska Akademin (the same Academy that issues the Nobel Prize) in 2003 with Svenska Akademins price for teachers for language teaching deeds.
  • Timuzsin Schuch, Hungarian handball player
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