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School of Business and Law (University of Agder)

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School of Business and Law at the University of Agder, Norway, builds on academic traditions that dates back to 1969 when the two-year economics and business administration programme was a cornerstone of Agder Regional College (ADH) in Kristiansand. In 1994 ADH was included in Agder University College (HiA) as a result of a national reform, and in 2007 the University of Agder (UiA) was established.


A four-year programme in economics and business administration has been given since 1988 and since 1992 the title siviløkonom has been awarded. The school comprises as a faculty all study programmes at the University of Agder in the fields of business administration and law. In autumn 2013 nearly 1 700 students was registrered at study programmes belonging to the School of Business and Law. (Source DBH [1]

The School’s main base is in Kristiansand, but it has students and staff at both UiA campuses in Kristiansand and Grimstad.

The School of Business and Law is formally organized as a faculty at the University of Agder, which was nationally accredited university by NOKUT (Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education) in 2007. The School of Business and Law is a member of EFMD and AACSB, and is currently working with international accreditation.

Study Programmes

School of Business and Law offers business administration and management education at all levels: PhD, master's and bachelor's degree. In addition, the School offers numerous continuing education courses in business administration, law and management.


Faculty members are organized in departments:

  • Department of Economics and Finance
  • Department of Management
  • Department of Working Life and Innovation
  • Department of Law
  • Centres

    Much of the research activity is related to centres:

  • Centre for Real Estate
  • Centre for Entrepreneurship
  • Centre for Advanced Studies in Regional Innovation Strategies (RIS)
  • Norwegian Centre for Microfinance Research
  • Student Organizations

    Student organizations are responsible for a range of social, scholarly and outreach activities for students. In addition, they facilitate contact between students and the school’s management. The organizations are provided with office space free of charge and receive some support from the university. The organizations include:

  • Mercurius (organizes master students in business administration)
  • Justitius (organizes law students)
  • Revisus (organizes accounting students)
  • Touristicus (organizes tourism students)
  • Emporium (organizes marketing students)
  • Indøk Sør (organizes naster students in industrial economics)  
  • Career Fair and Business Conference Mercurius is the driving force behind the Career Fair in Kristiansand held in the autumn semester. In addition, Mercurius organizes an annual business conference in Kristiansand called Norge på nytt.


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