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Kingdom  Plantae
Tribe  Millerieae
Rank  Genus
Order  Asterales
Higher classification  Daisy family
People also search for  Stuckertiella, Trichospira, Thiseltonia

Schistocarpha is a genus of flowering plants in the Quickweed tribe within the daisy family.

  1. Schistocarpha bicolor Less. - Central America, southern Mexico
  2. Schistocarpha croatii H.Rob. - Panamá
  3. Schistocarpha eupatorioides (Fenzl) Kuntze - Central America, southern Mexico, western South America
  4. Schistocarpha hondurensis Standl. & L.O.Williams - Honduras, El Salvador
  5. Schistocarpha kellermanii Rydb. - Chiapas, Guatemala, Honduras
  6. Schistocarpha liebmannii Klatt - Oaxaca
  7. Schistocarpha longiligula Rydb. - Chiapas, Guatemala, Nicarabua
  8. Schistocarpha margaritensis Cuatrec. - Colombia
  9. Schistocarpha matudae B.L.Rob. - Chiapas
  10. Schistocarpha pedicellata Klatt - Oaxaca
  11. Schistocarpha platyphylla Greenm. - Chiapas, Guatemala, Oaxaca, El Salvador
  12. Schistocarpha sinforosi Cuatrec. - Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
  13. Schistocarpha steyermarkiana H.Rob. - Guatemala


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