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Schedius (Σχεδίος) was a name attributed to four individuals in Greek mythology.

  • Schedius was the son of Iphitus by Hippolyte or Thrasybule and brother of Epistrophus. He was counted among the suitors of Helen. In the Iliad, he and his brother lead the Phocians on the side of the Achaeans in the Trojan War, Schedius being commander of ten ships out of forty brought by both brothers. He was killed when Hector threw a spear at Ajax, who dodged it. Both brothers' bones, were carried back and buried at Anticyra. Their tomb existed until the Roman times. Pausanias also cites that Schedius's icon was displayed at Delphi.
  • Schedius, son of Perimedes, was a leader of the Phocians. He was killed by Hector.
  • Schedius, one of the suitors of Penelope, from Dulichium.
  • Schedius, a defender of Troy who was killed by Neoptolemus
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