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Satellite (biology)

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A satellite is a subviral agent composed of nucleic acid that depends on the co-infection of a host cell with a helper or master virus for its replication. When a satellite encodes the coat protein in which its nucleic acid is encapsidated it is referred to as a satellite virus. A satellite virus of mamavirus that inhibits the replication of its host has been termed a virophage. However, the usage of this term remains controversial due to the lack of fundamental differences between virophages and classical satellite viruses.

The genomes of satellites range upward from 359 nucleotides in length for Satellite Tobacco Ringspot Virus RNA (STobRV).

Satellite viral particles should not be confused with satellite DNA.


  • Satellite viruses
  • Single-stranded RNA satellite viruses
  • Subgroup 1: Chronic bee paralysis virus associated satellite
  • Chronic bee-paralysis satellite virus
  • Subgroup 2: Tobacco necrosis virus satellite
  • Maize white line mosaic satellite virus
  • Panicum mosaic satellite virus
  • Tobacco mosaic satellite virus
  • Tobacco necrosis satellite virus
  • Double-stranded DNA satellite viruses
  • Sputnik virophage
  • Zamilon virophage
  • Mavirus virophage
  • Organic Lake virophage
  • Satellite nucleic acids
  • Single-stranded satellite DNAs
  • Alphasatellites
  • Tomato leaf curl virus satellite DNA
  • Betasatellites
  • Double-stranded satellite RNAs
  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae M virus satellite
  • Trichomonas vaginalis T1 virus satellite
  • Single-stranded satellite RNAs
  • Subgroup 1: Large satellite RNAs
  • Arabis mosaic virus large satellite RNA
  • Bamboo mosaic virus satellite RNA
  • Chicory yellow mottle virus large satellite RNA
  • Grapevine Bulgarian latent virus satellite RNA
  • Grapevine fanleaf virus satellite RNA
  • Myrobalan latent ringspot virus satellite RNA
  • Tomato black ring virus satellite RNA
  • Beet ringspot virus satellite RNA
  • Subgroup 2: Small linear satellite RNAs
  • Cucumber mosaic virus satellite RNA
  • Cymbidium ringspot virus satellite RNA
  • Pea enation mosaic virus satellite RNA
  • Groundnut rosette virus satellite RNA
  • Panicum mosaic virus small satellite RNA
  • Peanut stunt virus satellite RNA
  • Turnip crinkle virus satellite RNA
  • Tomato bushy stunt virus satellite RNA, B10
  • Tomato bushy stunt virus satellite RNA, B1
  • Subgroup 3: Circular satellite RNAs or "virusoids"
  • Arabis mosaic virus small satellite RNA
  • Cereal yellow dwarf virus-RPV satellite RNA
  • Chicory yellow mottle virus satellite RNA
  • Hepatitis D satellite virus RNA
  • Lucerne transient streak virus satellite RNA
  • Solanum nodiflorum mottle virus satellite RNA
  • Subterranean clover mottle virus satellite RNA
  • Tobacco ringspot virus satellite RNA
  • Velvet tobacco mottle virus satellite RNA
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