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Samantha (telenovela)

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Created by  Venevisión
Original language(s)  Spanish
Final episode date  23 July 1998
Number of episodes  120
Cast  Alicia Machado
7/10 IMDb

Country of origin  Venezuela
First episode date  10 March 1998
Network  Venevisión
Program creator  Venevisión
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Directed by  Claudio Callao Omar Hurtado
Starring  Alicia Machado Alejandro Martinez
Opening theme  Samantha by Alejandro Martinez
Similar  La sombra de Piera, Calypso, Cumbres Borrascosas, Sueño Contigo, Amor mío

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Samantha (1998) is a Venezuelan telenovela that was produced by and seen on Venevisión. This telenovela lasted 120 episodes and was distributed internationally by Venevisión International.


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Promo telenovela samantha 1998


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Love literally falls from the sky for Samantha del Llano, a beautiful and free-spirited young peasant, who lives and works at landowner Valdemar Rincon’s lavish hacienda. One day, while wandering around the far reaches of the ranch in search of her horse, Samantha sees a small private plane crash nearby, and she immediately runs to the scene of the accident. Inside the plane, she finds Luis Alberto Aranguren, badly hurt but semi-conscious. Although she does not realize it yet, this handsome millionaire from the city will be her one true love.

Samantha (telenovela) Alicia Machado main heroine in quotSAMANTHAquot Summary Mexicans

Because the impact from the crash has caused Luis Alberto to lose his memory, he is unable to tell Samantha and the Rincon family his real identity. They believe him to be merely the pilot, an employee of the powerful Aranguren Corporation instead of its owner. Samantha does not really care who he is - she is a sweet, unpretentious country girl with few ambitions - and her main concern is nursing this stranger back to health. During the following weeks, a magical romance develops between Samantha and Luis Alberto, two persons who know practically nothing about each other, but are simply following their hearts.

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However, once Luis Alberto is taken back to the capital, he recovers his memory and unconsciously blacks out everything that happened after the accident, including the loving Samantha. He returns home to discover that his wife, gravely ill for five years, has died. Everyone thinks she succumbed to her illness, but in reality Betzaida, who is secretly in love with Luis Alberto and is now determined to conquer him, murdered her. Another woman will try to do the same: Raiza, Valdemar Rincon’s daughter, a spoiled and selfish college student who set her sights on Luis Alberto after discovering his wealth and social position.

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One day, while on a date with Raiza, Luis Alberto suddenly remembers Samantha, her soft touch, her radiant smile, her overpowering sweetness. Realizing what he left behind, he goes back to find her. They marry immediately, in a quiet village ceremony. Upon their return to the city, Samantha must face three formidable enemies: Betzaida, Raiza and Luis Alberto’s teenage daughter, Anabela, who feels betrayed by her father’s wedding, so soon after her mother’s death. Through lies and intrigue, these three women will succeed in tearing Samantha and Luis Alberto apart. They will both have to endure many hardships before they can be reunited to share the immense love that was born so innocently between them and that will live forever.


  • Alicia Machado as Samantha del Llano
  • Alejandro Martinez as Luis Alberto Aranguren Lujan
  • Daniel Alvarado as Arcadio 'el Maute' Guanipa
  • Jorge Aravena as Rodolfo Villalobos
  • Carlos Arreaza as Samuel Casanova
  • Nohely Arteaga as Raiza Rincón Luzardo
  • Gustavo Rodríguez as Don Valdemar Rincón
  • Haydee Balza as Lavinia Luzardo de Rincón
  • Janin Barboza as Cristina
  • Daniela Bascopé as Anabela
  • Eva Blanco as Alba Lujan de Aranguren
  • Vangie Labalan as Blanca
  • Julio Capote as Rosendo
  • Martha Carbillo as Alexandrina
  • Katerine Castro as Rina
  • Francisco Ferrari as Dr. Arturo Hidalgo
  • Aitor Gaviria as Pascual Martínez
  • Elaiza Gil as Chicharra
  • Mauricio González as Padre Lino
  • Carolina Groppuso as Yusmeri
  • Olga Henriquez as Vestalia Luzardo
  • Karl Hoffman as Ramón Demetrio Calzadilla
  • Martin Lantigua as Lorenzo del Llano
  • Ana Martinez as Querubina
  • Ana Massimo as Laura del Llano
  • Jonathan Montenegro as Alexander Hernandez
  • Elizabeth Morales as Elena de Aranguren
  • Jenny Noguera as Macarena
  • Patricia Oliveros as Sarita
  • Martha Olivo as Doña Teodora Torrealba
  • Carlos Omaña as Pantoja
  • Winda Pierralt as Joanna
  • Mauricio Renteria as Tirzo Guevara
  • Milena Santander as Betzaida Martinez
  • Vicente Tepedino as Salvador Hidalgo
  • Patricia Tóffoli as Damaris
  • Judith Vasquez as Gertrudis
  • Sonia Villamizar as Deborah Marcano Rodriguez
  • Jose Luis Zuleta as Jorge
  • Theme song

    The theme song to Samantha is "Samantha", performed by Alejandro Martinez.


    Samantha (telenovela) Wikipedia

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