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Saltibum (season 1)

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Broadcast from  April 5 – May 31, 2014
Venue  Brazil
Judge  Hugo Parisi
Presenter(s)  Luciano Huck
Presented by  Luciano Huck
Broadcaster  Rede Globo
Saltibum (season 1) sglbimgcometprocaldeiraodohuckdesktopcal
Judges  Eduardo Falcão Hugo Parisi
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Saltibum is the first season of the Brazilian version of Celebrity Splash!. The season premiered on April 5, 2014 and run for 9 weeks, ending on May 31, 2014 on Rede Globo.


Actor Rômulo Neto won the competition over actress Camilla Camargo by a difference of 1.0 point.


Twelve Brazilian celebrities were equally divided into two teams led by captains Caio Castro (Red team) and Felipe Titto (Blue team).

The captains are ineligible to win the main prize (a new Volkswagen Up) and are instead competing in weekly dive-offs to win their own car, which would be awarded to the captain who have the highest amount of scores combined over the course of 9 weeks.

Week 1

  • Celebrity Guest Judge: Humberto Martins
  • Running order

    Week 2

  • Celebrity Guest Judge: Emanuelle Araújo
  • Running order

    Week 3

  • Celebrity Guest Judge: Nelson Freitas
  • Running order

    Week 4

  • Celebrity Guest Judge: Geovanna Tominaga
  • Running order

    Week 5

  • Celebrity Guest Judge: Ana Furtado
  • Running order

    Week 6

  • Celebrity Guest Judge: Paulo Vilhena
  • Running order

    Week 7

  • Celebrity Guest Judge: Tande
  • Running order

    Week 8

  • Celebrity Guest Judge: Glenda Kozlowski
  • Running order


  • Celebrity Guest Judge: Cláudia Raia
  • Running order


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