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Salix lapponum

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Salicaceae
Scientific name  Salix lapponum
Order  Malpighiales
Genus  Salix
Rank  Species
Salix lapponum Mountain Woodlands Downy Willow Salix lapponum
Similar  Salix myrtilloides, Salix myrsinifolia, Salix aurita, Salix phylicifolia, Salix herbacea

Salix lapponum, the downy willow, is a low, much branched shrub (to 1.5 metres) having a wide distribution in Northern Europe, eastwards to the Altai and western Siberia, and is found as far south as the Pyrenees and Bulgaria. In Scotland it can be found on rocky mountain slopes and cliffs, generally at altitudes between 200 and 900 metres.

Salix lapponum Taxonomy genetics amp ecology of subarctic willow scrub Gallery

As described in Stace and BSBI Salix lapponum has the following characteristics:

  • Twigs hairy at first, hairless and rather glossy dark reddish brown later.
  • Leaves usually lanceolate to 7cm long by 2.5cm wide; slightly hairy to hairy on upper side; usually densely hairy on lower side; margins entire or subentire, sometimes a little undulate.
  • Petiole short, occasionally up to 1cm long but usually less than 5mm.

  • Salix lapponum Downy Willow Salix lapponum Trees and shrubs NatureGate
    Salix lapponum Downy Willow Salix lapponum Trees and shrubs NatureGate
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    Salix lapponum Salix lapponum L Checklist View


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