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Saint Felim

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Saint Felim (also called Feilim, Feidlimid, Feidhlimidh, Felimy, Feidhilmethie, Feidlimthe, Fedlimid, Fedlimidh, Phelim, Phelime), an Irish Christian hermit and priest, was born, probably in Kiennacta Breagh, County Meath in the mid sixth century.

His father was Carill, son of Laisrén, son of Dallán, son of Eógan mac Néill, son of Niall of the Nine Hostages, son of Eochaid Mugmedón.

His mother was Dediva (also called Editua or Dedi or Deidi or Deighe or Deidiu or Deaga or Mediva), daughter of Tren, son of Dubhthach moccu Lughair, who was a Chief Ollam of Ireland and royal poet of King Lóegaire mac Néill. Dediva's other children were Saint Senan of Laraghbrine, son of Fintan, Saint Caillin of Fenagh, son of Niata, St.Mainchín of Corann, son of Collan of Corann, Saint Daigh of Inniskeen, who was another son of Carill and Saint Felim's younger full brother, Saint Femia who was a daughter of Carill and Saint Felim's full sister, Saint Diarmaid the Just, son of Lugna and Senchán Torpéist, a later Chief Ollam of Ireland.

Felim became a hermit living near Kilmore, Co. Cavan, where he later founded a monastery in the townland of Tonymore (Domnach Mor = Big Church). He is patron saint of the Kilmore diocese.

According to the Martyrology of Tallaght and Martyrology of Donegal his feastday is the 3rd of August but the other Calendars give it as 9 August which is celebrated as his feastday in present day. The discrepancy arises because the 3rd of August was the start date of the annual pattern or fair devoted to the saint in Kilmore, which lasted a week from 3 to 9 August. The Ulster Plantation papers of 1608 give a list of fairs in county Cavan which includes- "One fayre holden att Killmore yearly the third day of August being Saint Phelime's Day"

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