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Sage (name)

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Sage is a family name and a unisex given name. It can also be spelled Saige or Sayge. Its meaning is "herb" or "prophet".



  • Amanda Sage, American born painter based in Vienna
  • Andrew P. Sage, American systems engineer
  • Anna Sage, alias of Ana Cumpănaş, brothel owner in Chicago
  • Angie Sage, English author
  • Bill Sage (born 1962), American actor
  • Chauncey S. Sage (1816–1890), New York assemblyman
  • George Sage (disambiguation), several people
  • Greg Sage, American rock musician
  • Harry Sage, American Major League Baseball catcher
  • Henry Sage (disambiguation), several people
  • Joe Sage, American politician
  • Kay Sage, American Surrealist artist and poet
  • Leland Sage, American professor emeritus of history at the University of Northern Iowa
  • Lorna Sage, Welsh-born academic, an award-winning literary critic and author
  • Margaret Olivia Slocum Sage, American philanthropist
  • Mel Sage, English former football (soccer) player
  • Paula Sage, Scottish film actress, Special Olympics athlete and advocate of Down's Syndrome
  • Rachael Sage, American songwriter
  • Rosemary Sage, English expert in the field of education, in particular the area of special needs
  • Russell Sage, American financier and politician
  • Sidney A. Sage, American politician
  • Sinn Sage, lesbian pornographic actress
  • Thomas Henry Sage, English recipient of the Victoria Cross
  • William H. Sage, American Medal of Honor recipient
  • First name

  • Sage Brocklebank, Canadian actor
  • Sage Francis, American hip-hop artist
  • Sage Kotsenburg (born 1993), American snowboarder, Olympic gold medalist
  • Sage Northcutt, American mixed martial artist
  • Sage Rosenfels, American football quarterback
  • Sage Stallone, son of actor Sylvester Stallone
  • Sage Steele, SportsCenter update anchor
  • Sage Walker, science fiction writer based in New Mexico
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