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Safwan al Qudsi

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Name  Safwan al-Qudsi

Safwan al-Qudsi Syrian History Safwan alQudsi secretary of the Socialist

Safwan al-Qudsi (Arabic: صفوان القدسي‎‎, born 1940) is the Secretary General of the Syrian Arab Socialist Union Party, a member of the central leadership of the National Progressive Front which controls the Syrian legislature, and chairman of the Arab Parties Congress.

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Safwan al-Qudsi received his bachelor's degree in philosophy from the University of Damascus. From 1972 to 1974 he was an assistant editor of the magazine Knowledge (المعرفة), a chief editor from 1974 to 1978. From 1980 through 1981 he was editor-in-chief of Moral (الأدبي) a literary magazine.

Safwan al-Qudsi was elected to the legislature in 1977, and was a Minister of State from 1978 to 1980. Since 1981 he has been a member of the central leadership of the National Progressive Front. He has been the Secretary General of the ASU since 1984. He is member of the Syrian Society for Research and Studies (جمعية البحوث والدراسات).

In March 2000 Safwan al-Qudsi's wife, Bari'a al-Qudsi, was appointed as Minister of Labor and Welfare, representing the ASU party in the cabinet. She lost the position in the December 2001 governmental reshuffle.

Selected publications

  • Qudsi, Safwan (1974) Siyasah al-musallahah: dirasat fi al-fikr al-siyasi al-muasir (Armed Policy Studies: Contemporary political thinking) Wizarat al-Thaqafaj wa-al-Irshad al-Qawmi, Damascus OCLC 23522692
  • Qudsi, Safwan (1984) al-Batal wa-l-tarikh: Qira'a fi fikr Hafiz al-Asad al-siyasi (The Hero and History: A Reading of the Political Thought of Hafiz al-Asad) Ṭalas, Damascus OCLC 15252750
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